"My mummy is cancer free"

My gorgeous boy sharing the news :)

My posts have been a bit hit & miss on the blog recently. I can now reveal why .. last year on the 2nd of August I had an operation to remove a cancerous tumour from my remaining kidney and this week has been my check up since that time to check that from that point i am still cancer free!! As im sure you can appreciate I have been very on edge and unable to concentrate or commit to anything with the appointment fast approaching, but yesterday I had my check up and received the amazing news that I am infact cancer free!!

 I am still on cloud 9 and cannot promise to have regular posts up for a while but I will have posts going up!! 

Thanks for all of you that are sticking by my blog and checking back for posts, following me on here, bloglovin and twitter etc and thank you massively for everyone who sent me messages of luck and congratulations :)


Farm fun :)

I am now on my 2 weeks holiday wohoo lol so yesterday Freddie decided he wanted to head off to the farm. We arrived to find the farm we usually use was closed so with the help of google we found a farm we hadnt been to before and decided to try it out.

The bus 204 straight from Mill Hill East station goes straight to the farm which is probably about a 10minute bus journey away.

The staff are really passionate, friendly and helpful.

The farm is gorgeous, clean and well set out, with such a wide variety of animals. You can find anything from rabbits to wallabies on your visit and everything in bewteen.

Freddie was very happy to find the pigs as they are a personal favourite of his.

But Freddie was blown away by the tractor ride you can take part in (these are offered hourly at a rate of £2.50 each) we think that it was worth every penny. We had a very passionate member of staff on board talking us around the trip, it was interesting to find out some of the history of the farm.


Freddie was really keen during the petting part where he got to get hands on with some bunnies and guinea pigs.

You could easily spend most of the morning here with all of the activities their are to take part in. Their is also a waffle cafe to grab something to eat in or picnic benches dotted around if you want to enjoy a picnic surrounded by the animals. Overall a great trip and we would re visit.