Get to know me :)

Hello lovelies & welcome to my blog :) As you can probably gather from my URL my name is Laura. I am at 25 year old mummy to a very funny & active toddler/almost 3 year old called Freddie. We live in central London.

Freddie was born in July 2011. He is a very active and clever little boy and is full of laughs and cuddles, and never fails to make me and his daddy laugh (even when we are tying to be serious).

I love all things 1950s inspired. The 1975 & I am a big foodie.

I am on the big long road to recovery from anxiety and panic attacks and feel it is important to raise awareness on these topics to help other people out there to.

My blog will be full of all things imaginable as I can ramble on about anything and everything. Freddie will me making some posts to so keep an eye out for those :)

I hope you enjoy reading along, and please feel free to ask for any post requests and leave your blog URLs to x



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