Super keen for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and as a mummy to a very active 2 year old and a nanny to a 2 and almost 4 year old I thought it would be nice to come up with some activities and things to do with the littluns in the run up and on the day of Halloween.

1.Pick your pumpkins
There's nothing better now that its dark to walk home and see your lovely carved glowing pumpkins out to greet you. So start by getting your little ones to choose their pumpkin. Obviously with all of the super markets having their pumpkins out and included in some of the deals it wold be easiest to grab one from there. If however you fancy making a day of it their is a pick hour own farm in Surrey called Crockford Bridge where you can go and choose your own pumpkins. Plus during half term they are hosting a Halloween event which looks like lots of fun so you could really make a day of it.

2. Decorate your pumpkin
Instead of arming the littluns with a knife lol its probably best we arm them with some other crafty bits to decorate their pumpkins. So using things like paints (glow in the dark ones if you can get your hands on them), glue, glitters, sparkly sequins etc will allow them to get involved in the decorating safely.

3. Halloween stories
It's hard to get that quality time where we have snuggles and leave the worlds technology at bay with our little ones. So it would be nice to invest in some Halloween themed stories (check out local charity shops if you don't fancy buying from new) and turning off phones, laptops, televisions etc and dedicating even half an hour to reading some Halloween stories. A favourite of mine that ill be purchasing for Freddie will be 'Pumpkin soup' by Helen Cooper.

4. Cooking
Grab some Halloween inspired cookie cutters and get baking. The younger kiddies will probably be more untested i the tasting lol or like my Freddie only want to do the mixing part and cry his eyes out  at the thought of e mixture going into the oven lol.However we've got to remember its their experience and not to focus so much on an ended duct. Whatever they get out of it is enough as long as their enjoying themselves :)

5. Slimy sensory swamp
Wheni use to work in private nurseries one of my favourite activities to do for the children was sensory swamps. Cook up some spaghetti (on a big of a scale as you have space for) dye in even with some green food colouring, cover your table with a messy mat or use a builders tray/sand pit etc and put the dyed spaghetti on the table or in the pit and and some mini beasts and let them get stuck in exploring the slimy swamp.

(Go onto amazon and type on bags of mini beasts)

6. Ghost painting
This is a nice simple one. Simply get some black paper/card and some white paper, and get your little ones to paint their interpretations of a ghost. The older children can the. Use a black felt pen to draw on eyes and mouths of the ghosts when the paint has dried.

7. Pin the legs on the spider
Draw or paint or get a big picture of a spiders body. Stick it on a wall and use some black pipe cleaners wi Sellotape or masking take and get the children to stick the legs on the spider.

8. Make some pumpkin soup
Why not search out a basic recipe for pumpkin soup. Get the children involved by getting them to write their own list of ingredients to take to the shops. They can draw pictures of the things they will need. Then head off to the shops and get them to help find the ingredients they will need. Once home you can talk about how you will prepare the soup of their to young to help with cutting etc, and em once its cooled and get them to have a quick stir. Hopefully it gets the little fussy eaters out there interested in trying something new to.

9. Paper plate pumpkins
This time of year it sold hopefully be pretty easy to get your hands on some orange plates. Cut out some facial features from black paper. Eyes, nose etc and get little ones to decorate and make their own pumpkin faces.

10. Dressing up
Now I can't do a things to do on Halloween without including dressing up can I!? Maybe get some little ones around for some dressing up fun, get them all to bring a costume and they can all swap and take turns. It can be as simple as wrapping a child in toilet toll and bobs your uncle you now have a mummy. Whatever it is be creative and have a blast.

My 10 things to make, do and enjoy with your littluns at Halloween has come to and end but I'd love to hear other ideas from all you lovely mummies and caters of little ones out there to feel free and
encouraged to leave comments :) I'd love to see pictures of any of the things you've tried from my list so feel free to share:) enjoy Halloween everyone love LauraLou x


Therapy waiting room.

Leading on from my yoga post around panic attacks & anxiety I decided to write a little poem whilst waiting for my therapy session this morning. Hoping that others reading this and experiencing these symptoms know they are not alone and it will all pass.

Smothering strangers sharing similar dangers
A waiting room full of nervous glances and flitting stares
Does anybody speak? Nobody dares!
The room begins to move and my heart is beating fast
I wonder how long this one is going to last!?
I shift in my seat with growing agitation 
Trying to catch my breath but becoming consumed by frustration 
Everybody is staring they can sense I can't cope
Self esteem drops and I begin to loose all sense of hope
I can't breath this is it, I'm going to pass out
As much as I try to reason that's all my brain is shouting out
I'm hurting towards rock bottom
The revolving door of life spins me through this process again and i just can't seem to stop em
My head begins to pound and my heart is fighting to leave my chest
To live is all I want but to die sometimes seems best
I take that long last attempt at a deep gasp for air and the oxygen kicks in
The aftermath of the attack can slowly begin
Exhaustion, cold shivers, the headache and nausea believe it or not are a good sign
It shows I've survived this one and the panic attack and anxiety will all pass in time.


I love yoga!

So as its mental health awareness month I thought I would do a blogpost on yoga. I want to start off by saying I have only been doing yoga for a week so im no expert by any stretch of the imagination.

I have been contemplating yoga for a long long time & I could feel a panic attack coming on last Friday night & I took the plunge & decided to give it ago. I simply typed in simple yoga into youtube & up came the video 'yoga for dummies'. Since then I have done the video every night apart from one night and amazingly haven't had a panic attack since. Don't get me wrong I'm still suffering with the baseline anxiety everyday but as for the panic attacks I haven't (touch wood) suffered with one since that day.

The main point of yoga that I have gathered so far is to concentrate on your breathing. Paying attention to your body and kind of becoming one (totally feel myself merging into my hippy mother). The video consists of 12 postures called the daily dozen and each pose is held for the count of 6 deep breathes. The breathing is amazing. The breaths in yoga happen both threw the nose and out of the nose creating a hollow sound in the back of your throat like the ocean. That alone calms me down and gets me relaxed and if I'm out and getting a panicky niggle I always start to do the deep yoga breaths and find myself calming down instantly.

I'd recommend yoga to anybody suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, but obviously what works for me cannot be guaranteed to work for everyone else but I'd urge everyone to give it ago. Even if you are not an anxiety and panic attack sufferer the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life can call for some peace and a tranquility so give it ago :)


Happy Birthday to me!

So on the 23rd of September i turnt 25. I found the approach quite daunting. I'd been umming and arring about having a party for months and then one random night after my surgery me and my best friend were driving past a really nice pub at the end of our road and before I knew it we were in there booking it up for my 25th birthday party.

The rest is kind of a fuzz after that because my best friend took it under her wing as her birthday present to me which was super hard for me as the super organised party planner lol, she's more nonchalant and relaxed.

This birthday signified a lot for me this year. Not only is it my big 25th but this is a birthday that at times I never thought I would see due to the cancer, so it was a double celebration, one to say I've kicked cancers arse and one to mark a fresh start.

I wanted to stand out a bit at my party and decided I would dress 1950s inspired as I love everything about that era from clothing to music. I did days worth of searching for the perfect outfit and flitted between dresses, skirts the lot. Eventually I landed on a gorgeous skirt with red cherrys on it and matching headband. When it arrived I couldn't wait to try it out and it fitted like a glove I was over the moon. It's probably the first time I haven't fussed about an outfit for an occasion ever. I teamed the skirt with a plain black body from ASOS and some black heels I wanted everything to be as plain as possible so that the skirt stood out in all its glory.

I got gorgeous gifts from my family and friends and the party was lovely. It was so nice having all of my close family and friends in one place.

I've decided it's time to grab life with both hands and by the time I write my 26th birthday blog there are a few things I would have liked to accomplish. These being:

* Self teach myself the guitar.
* Go abroad with my son and partner (I've never been on an aeroplane)
* Go and watch the military tattoo at Edinburgh castle
* Raise money for charity by doing something physical EG: Race for life
* Have a complete style overhaul (one of the downsides of loosing so much weight is the frustration of needing a whole new wardrobe and obviously being a female needing it all at once lol)

So to conclude I am now the ripe old age of 25. I've achieved a lot in my life already and am proud of how far I have come and the battles I have gone threw. Those things have made me the me I am today and although Its hard to accept how drastically life has changed for me it's time to embrace it and grow with it :)