Therapy waiting room.

Leading on from my yoga post around panic attacks & anxiety I decided to write a little poem whilst waiting for my therapy session this morning. Hoping that others reading this and experiencing these symptoms know they are not alone and it will all pass.

Smothering strangers sharing similar dangers
A waiting room full of nervous glances and flitting stares
Does anybody speak? Nobody dares!
The room begins to move and my heart is beating fast
I wonder how long this one is going to last!?
I shift in my seat with growing agitation 
Trying to catch my breath but becoming consumed by frustration 
Everybody is staring they can sense I can't cope
Self esteem drops and I begin to loose all sense of hope
I can't breath this is it, I'm going to pass out
As much as I try to reason that's all my brain is shouting out
I'm hurting towards rock bottom
The revolving door of life spins me through this process again and i just can't seem to stop em
My head begins to pound and my heart is fighting to leave my chest
To live is all I want but to die sometimes seems best
I take that long last attempt at a deep gasp for air and the oxygen kicks in
The aftermath of the attack can slowly begin
Exhaustion, cold shivers, the headache and nausea believe it or not are a good sign
It shows I've survived this one and the panic attack and anxiety will all pass in time.



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