I love yoga!

So as its mental health awareness month I thought I would do a blogpost on yoga. I want to start off by saying I have only been doing yoga for a week so im no expert by any stretch of the imagination.

I have been contemplating yoga for a long long time & I could feel a panic attack coming on last Friday night & I took the plunge & decided to give it ago. I simply typed in simple yoga into youtube & up came the video 'yoga for dummies'. Since then I have done the video every night apart from one night and amazingly haven't had a panic attack since. Don't get me wrong I'm still suffering with the baseline anxiety everyday but as for the panic attacks I haven't (touch wood) suffered with one since that day.

The main point of yoga that I have gathered so far is to concentrate on your breathing. Paying attention to your body and kind of becoming one (totally feel myself merging into my hippy mother). The video consists of 12 postures called the daily dozen and each pose is held for the count of 6 deep breathes. The breathing is amazing. The breaths in yoga happen both threw the nose and out of the nose creating a hollow sound in the back of your throat like the ocean. That alone calms me down and gets me relaxed and if I'm out and getting a panicky niggle I always start to do the deep yoga breaths and find myself calming down instantly.

I'd recommend yoga to anybody suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, but obviously what works for me cannot be guaranteed to work for everyone else but I'd urge everyone to give it ago. Even if you are not an anxiety and panic attack sufferer the busy hustle and bustle of everyday life can call for some peace and a tranquility so give it ago :)



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