Happy Birthday to me!

So on the 23rd of September i turnt 25. I found the approach quite daunting. I'd been umming and arring about having a party for months and then one random night after my surgery me and my best friend were driving past a really nice pub at the end of our road and before I knew it we were in there booking it up for my 25th birthday party.

The rest is kind of a fuzz after that because my best friend took it under her wing as her birthday present to me which was super hard for me as the super organised party planner lol, she's more nonchalant and relaxed.

This birthday signified a lot for me this year. Not only is it my big 25th but this is a birthday that at times I never thought I would see due to the cancer, so it was a double celebration, one to say I've kicked cancers arse and one to mark a fresh start.

I wanted to stand out a bit at my party and decided I would dress 1950s inspired as I love everything about that era from clothing to music. I did days worth of searching for the perfect outfit and flitted between dresses, skirts the lot. Eventually I landed on a gorgeous skirt with red cherrys on it and matching headband. When it arrived I couldn't wait to try it out and it fitted like a glove I was over the moon. It's probably the first time I haven't fussed about an outfit for an occasion ever. I teamed the skirt with a plain black body from ASOS and some black heels I wanted everything to be as plain as possible so that the skirt stood out in all its glory.

I got gorgeous gifts from my family and friends and the party was lovely. It was so nice having all of my close family and friends in one place.

I've decided it's time to grab life with both hands and by the time I write my 26th birthday blog there are a few things I would have liked to accomplish. These being:

* Self teach myself the guitar.
* Go abroad with my son and partner (I've never been on an aeroplane)
* Go and watch the military tattoo at Edinburgh castle
* Raise money for charity by doing something physical EG: Race for life
* Have a complete style overhaul (one of the downsides of loosing so much weight is the frustration of needing a whole new wardrobe and obviously being a female needing it all at once lol)

So to conclude I am now the ripe old age of 25. I've achieved a lot in my life already and am proud of how far I have come and the battles I have gone threw. Those things have made me the me I am today and although Its hard to accept how drastically life has changed for me it's time to embrace it and grow with it :)



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