Christmas round up

I feel a bit fraudulent typing "Merry Christmas" even though were only 3 days past the big day itself. To me once Christmas day is over the whole lot is over and done with bring on the new year lol. This Christmas has been a very reflective one for me, anxiety levels have been very high this week to so its been a strange one. 

Freddie woke me up at around 5ish muttering words of "mummy has santa been yet" he was back to sleep in moments so i presume he was sleep talking lol. We didnt end up getting up till 9ish. I brought Freddie in with me and Dean and we went threw his stocking. He was really happy with his first lot of Thomas toys especially seeing as he had specifically asked Santa for those lol.

I then went off to pick up my mum and her lovely partner and brought those back. This year instead of the footprints my brother had left a trail of fake snow (amazing hat you can find in poundland ai lol) Freddie really enjoyed it and went over and saw that santa had eaten his mince pie and drank his milk lol. 

Que the present opening. With a pile of presents almost taller than him we expected it to be a very long morning lol we werent wrong. As soon as Fred found his first pile of Thomas books Christmas seemed to come to an abrupt hault with everyone being ordered to read stories lol. In the end everyone else had to end up opening his presents for him until his drum set was put together and then he jumped on that and ended up having a jamming session with my brother lol (it was as cute and as funny as it sounds honest).

Christmas dinner: I started off with lists of food, timings you name it I had it sorted with my mums boyfriend playing sou chef lol. I donned my christmas cooks hat haha yep seriously! But before I knew it the roles had reversed and i was sous chef lol (keeping the hat naturally) & my mums boyfriend saved the day and together (with a little help from the mother and her marvelous potato mashing skills) we laid out a yummy christmas dinner for 8 (wipes brow just thinking about it). My first vegetarian dinner consisted of toad in the hole with all of the trimmings and lovely vegetarian sausages wrapped in bacon.

This is Freddies little Christmas dinner lol

The rest of the day was fun and games and relaxation. Little man was shattered after a very busy day. My brother in law came over and we all played heads up (if you have an app phone please download and play this game its hilarious). Overall I really enjoyed christmas day this year and I hope all of you did to.

I may do a separate "what i got for christmas" post because I love reading everyone else's ones of these lol.
If you have done a Christmas day post of a what you got for christmas post please comment below because id love to see those :)



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