Crafty Christmas Wreath

One of the things I get excited about during the festive season is getting a bit crafty. I can assure you its not as micheavious as it sounds lol. As a mummy to a toddler and a nanny to a couple of cutie pie boys, I enjoy planning out Christmas craft ideas for the lead up to Christmas to help us get into the Christmas spirit. We have started our Christmas craft with this very simple yet very pretty Christmas wreath.

I started by getting the little one to do lots of festive coloured handprints, he really enjoyed this part as he is a big paint fan and when I was painting his hands with the paint he kept giggling and saying "that tickles". Once we had 2 sheets of coloured handprints we left them to dry, and then I carefully cut around them so that we were left with all the handprints.

Then I laid them out in a wreath shape to get them exactly how I wanted them to look before glueing them in place, with one handprint overlapping the next.

This is such a simple activity but a really nice one to ease everyone into the Christmas spirit, the children really like seeing the end product of what has been made from their handprints.


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