The 1975 at Brixton Academy: My 2 night round up

Welcome back gorgeous readers. I know I have been a bit absent from blog life for a while but my whole weekend has consisted of going to watch The 1975 in concert or spending the other day recovering and doing mummy things lol. This is going to be a very long post so grab your copy of The 1975 album wack it on, grab your preferred choice of beverage and get stuck in. 

Night 1: Thursday 9th January 2013

The noise of ticket touts, the slow shuffle of people piling out of Brixton station and the swarms of underage giggly girls suppresses the anxiety that's been bubbling to the service since setting foot in the tube station. It sends electrifying excitement rushing around my body. I add at this point that I now feel very old. I stand, a bit taken a back by the crowds of Brixton and my eyes quickly scan the streets for anyone of similar age to me heading in the direction of the 02 Brixton academy. No such luck. Is 25 really to old to be hitting the live music scene? We sheepishly approach the academy and are told to join the que, which has already wound itself around the entire building and is almost back at the entrance. "I knew I should never have stopped off for that veggie burger" says a stranger joining the que behind us. "Snap" I turn around and say. We then all divulge into a conversation ultimately blaming our untimely appetites for our unappealing position in the ever growing que. Soon enough were moving and squeals of excitement ripple threw the crowd. An unexpected guy bounds round the corner clad in 02 gear shouts "Anyone on 02 can join the priority que with 3 guests" We all look at each other and curse our EE sim cards until one of the girls we are with says "wait im on 02" she says that we can be our guests and join them in the priority que. We skeptically challenge Mr 02 doubting the existence of a priority que and wondering if it was some sort of prank. However we were ecstatic to find Mr 02 was infact accurate with his promises of priority ques and fast entry and we were inside the venue before we knew it. 

The excitement had well and truly put a lid on any anxiety that had been trying to bubble to the surface of my calm exterior. We headed to the stalls and as the room began to fill, nerves began to creep in, my eyes searching the room for emergency exits incase a panic attack should rear its ugly head. After 2 supporting acts smoke machines and lighting created a welcomed distraction from the now very hyped up crowd as the stage was prepared for The 1975. 

Not a welcome sight for an anxiety and panic attack sufferer I can assure you.

The place erupts with screams as the boys come on stage and i am in my element, allowing myself to be swept up and carried by the environment. The show was amazing. Mattys stage presence kept the crowd pumped up. The complete package of the performance from the band plus the effects made the show a complete success. So much so that I found myself scouring twitter for spare tickets that night to another show and making a late night road trip the next evening for tickets to Saturdays show.

The main man himself 

I found myself reverting back to my teenage self and as I got back home found myself writing The 1975 in lip liner on my best mates wingmirror (you only live once right lol)

Home and winding down after night one. Hot chocolate in hand and listening to the ringing in my ears as back drop music in my living room lol

Night 2: 11th January 2013

Armed with the knowledge i had acquired from night one we left out earlier to try and avoid the long ques. Also armed with a borrowed 02 phone LOL (take me to those ques) This time I was upstairs in the circle part of the academy and it was such an amazing view. However the height didnt seem to sit very well with my anxiety and looking down sent a sudden surge of panic around my body. 

The view from upstairs (is it any wonder i had stomach churning when peering over the balcony) 

Thank goodness I had the supporting acts to warm me up and get me relaxed. As soon as The 1975 took to the stage, the anxiety was once again stamped down and excitement took over. I don't want to write to much about the set they performed etc incase people are going to upcoming shows, and even if your not grab a ticket its more than worth it lol. I can say you will not be disappointed. Mattys confidence on stage keeps you engrossed throughtout, and the other band members play their devoted roles in the performance, making the chemistry between the band ooze the genuine devotion and dedication they have to what they do.

After the show I found myself waiting with a small group of friendly fans to meet the band. We waited about an hour or so with updates coming out from security and everyone talking amongst themselves the time went pretty fast, but it was bloody freezing lol, feeling not resuming in my feet for hours after i got home. Matty came out (we had already been told that he was just doing pictures and no signings) you can't blame him, he must have been beyond shattered and he had been out every single night to meet fans along with some of the other guys. He was friendly and here is our selfie. 



  1. It looks like you had a great time! :D I would love to go and see the 1975 Gisforgingers xx

    1. Had an amazing time hun, if you can get your hands on tickets i strongly recommend you go!!x

  2. Ooo! Sounds like you had a top night :D And you are never too old to be hitting the music scene! So, moral of the story is to get my hands on an O2 sim card when I'm off to a gig? Got it! :P Ta for stopping by my ol' blog :)

    Mo x

    1. Fab weekend, thanks for the reassurance on the age i was getting a bit concerned that my new found love for the live music scene was about to be brought to an abrupt end *sobs into my The 1975 tshirt*. If your heading to a gig in an 02 arena be sure to take the 02 sim lol. Anytime, really nice blog you have :)

  3. Soo jealous! Sounds like such a good night, and well done, it must have bee really hard especially with anxiety! But looks like you had an amazing time. :)

    MyLushBox | YouTube


    1. It was so difficult but im glad i faced up to my fear and got stuck it, it was an amazing weekend and im glad you can appreciate how difficult it must have been :)

      im off to check out your blog & youtube now hun xx