New years resolutions!!

Disclaimer: It snowed yay LOL me & my little boy got to finally make use of his sledge ysterday as London got covered with snow :) Good times hence no blogpost LOL but hey ho today is a day for chilling indoors after all that snow indulging .. was pretty cool though :)

Anyway I thought I would write down my new years resoltions on here to refer back to and keep me motivated so here it goes:

1. Eat more fruit (Im a fruit aphobe their i said it all you fruit junkies out there cover your ears LOL) but seriously i love the look of all fruit i just think its an aquired taste anywho im going to be making more of an effort this year to eat more fruit especially fruit that varies in colour!

2. Keep fit .. I love working out so I want to keep that up & try some different excersise equipment, classes, DVDs that sort of thing, I learnt to love excersise since loosing 6stone with Weight Watchers (post to follow on this) and I havent looked back since, if im having the most downest of days excersise cheers me right up :)

3. Go on at least 3 holidays .. They dont necessarily have to be abroad but we have to take a break away from London at least 3 times this year preferably to somewhere nice and warm with nice beaches :)

4. Throw a big birthday bash for myself LOL i never usually do anything for my birthdays (what a bore i sound) but im going to be turning 25 this year eeeekk and after such a hurrendous 2012 ive decided im throwing myself a big party to celebrate my 25th!!

5. To reach my goal weight and become a weight watchers leader .. only 11lbs to go :) Weight Watchers really worked for me (cor dont i sounds like a cheesy advert already LOL) but it really did and i want to inspire others on their journey :)

So these are my resolutions pretty run of the mill bog standard but mine never the less and here for referal purposes just to keep me on track :) More importantly this year I just want to live life to the fullest grab every opportunity with both hands and have tons of fun with my family & friends!!



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