Ready .. Steady .. Cook!! :)

I love to cook! Especially new recipes I haven't tried before and I came across a chocolate brownie recipe online the other day so thought I would give it ago! I tweeked it a bit and made it my own and made one at work on wednesday and then did another one for the family on Sunday night .. went down a treat so much so that after work yesterday i fancied a nice big slice only to find out my darling pesky other half had scoffed the lot that was left LOL not impressed but suppose it saves on the calories (& propoints in my weight watchers world) anyway heres the recipe and a pic of my one :)

115g plain chocolate (ive used 2 different types but found tescos plain one to be the best so far, but whatever tickles your chocolaty taste buds will do fine)
55g unsalted butter
3 eggs
225g castor sugar
40g plain flour
25g cocoa powder (i used bournville drinking chocolate both times)
55g natural yogurt

What i did:
Melted down the chocolate and butter in the microwave until it was all nice and silky
In a seperate bowl I mixed the eggs and sugar just with a good old manual whisk (who needs fandangled machines anyway)
Then added in the flour and cocoa powder, gave it another good mix up and finished by adding the yogurt and chocolate/butter mix :)
Put it in a pregreased baking tin and into a preheated oven at 160 and cooked for 40-45mins

P.S: If you have a go at making this yummy brownie id love to see a piccie of yours :)

Voila :)



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