Kidneys (no not the bean type)

One kidney down and one playing up is not the best place to be in I guess, but hey ho nevertheless its the current situation I find myself in.
I was born with both kidneys, but one was really rubbish! Basically it was small, scarred & did nothing but cause me tons of pain & give me the never ending gift of recurrent infections, so that little bugger had to go!! Mr Lefty was removed in 2007 and seeing as Mrs Righty had been used to doing all of the work on her own anyway that was fine.
The operation process itself was dreadful, I couldnt get my head around having to have an operation (things i cant control freak me out) and when I came round my first words were "oh so im not dead then" who ever said i was pessimistic wasnt lying. Well operation done and recovery was hard. I felt so low emotionally and in so much pain physically, suffering an infection to one of the scar sites and i never thought i would get back to feeling ' normal' again. But I did with the support of my great family & friends I did it & 6 years later Mrs Righty must be feeling the pressure I guess because shes grown herself a little tumour (who knows maybe shes attention seeking LOL) The drs have said its cancerous but not life threatening *phew* so as it currently stands the plan is to be monitored every 6 months to check on Mrs Righty and make sure the tumour doesnt grow. It currently measures in at about 2cm (attention seeking size if you ask me) so if it doesnt grow i get to stay operation free which was music to my ears (still cant deal with the idea of going back under the knife especially more so now that I have a very active 18month old little boy) so as long as she behaves herself (yes Mrs Righty were fully aware your doing the job of 2 kidneys all on your own heres a medal now pipe down will ya) all will be fine. So i guess its just watch this space (no not the big space Mr.Lefty left oh never mind you guys know what i mean LOL...



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