My weight loss & me (alot less of me than 18months ago i might add)

Quick apology for the break in posts .. I have a very poorly nanny in hospital & im finding it hard to juggle everything and fit things in. Never the less im back and thought I would do a post about my weight loss journey so here goes:

I have always been a chunky monkey & as a result ive found that I have always yo-yod with dieting. However when I got pregnant with my little boy I took the whole 'eating for two' thing way over board and in actual fact probably ended up eating for about 5 with minimal excersise.

I vowed to loose weight for good after giving birth and so after my 8 week maternity check up i joined bootcamp with 2 of my friends alongside weight watchers :) The 2 combined helped me battle the pounds as well as sculp my body shape into something I am actually beginning to like *shock horror never thought I would have said such a thing* 18 months down the line i am almost 6 stone lighter than when I started aswell as much fitter & healthier.

I find the whole Weight watchers plan has helped change the way i think about food and excersise and dare I say it, i dont feel like im on a diet at all i feel like my whole lifestyle has changed *i know how cheesy do i sound right* I love the safety net of weekly points aswell as my daily ones which mean i can have a splurge on the weekend with my family and as i love cooking i just love finding and making new low points recipes :)

Of course i have my bad days/weeks who doesnt but ultimatly i have found a passion for excersise i never knew exsisted and if you asked any of my PE teachers from school would probably laugh at me now being all excersise mad, and ive found that to loose weight its all about mindset and lifestyle adaptations and changes. Ban the word diet!!

So here goes im about to reveal my before and after pic eeeekkk :)



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