The C word ..

After a brief comment on my previous blogpost on my nan being ill and in hospital its gotten much worse ..

On Wednesday afternoon I found out my nan has Myeloma! This is a form of blood cancer! Heartbroken & devasted are words which best describe how I felt at the time. Luckily enough now I can say although the hurt remains I also feel positive. My nan is a fighter!!

Myeloma has no cure at present (this has to change) but there are treatments that can manage the Myeloma. My nan started her chemo treatment on Thursday and also has to take steroids (around 35 pills per day). I dont think it has sunk it yet for anyone but especially nan, shes calm and seems nonchalant about the whole situation and this worries me, my nan is used to being strong for everyone else and not showing her emotions, this has to change!

Myeloma is known to effect peoples kindey function (guess we all have attention seeking kidneys right) and nan was initially addmitted into hospital with kidney failure, we now know this is because of the Myeloma, once nans kidneys have stabalised she can come home and contine her treatment as an outpatient. (cue the welcome home party)

I felt lost and afraid so god only knows what my nan must be feeling, but after meeting with my nans key worker (the lady who organises all of nans care and treatment) i feel much more positive and informed. (I guess knowledge is power after all) After doing some research of my own I found that Myeloma is usually but not exclusivly found in older people and that around 4,000 new cases are diagnosed each year.

As cliched as it sounds life is to short and maybe this is the wake up call we needed to grab life with both hands and just have a ball. I want to help nan do as many fun things as she wants and just crank it up a gear and have a blast.

I am of course devastated to find out that there is no cure and straight away have thought of a few fundraising ideas to raise money for more research into this horrible disease & with Myeloma awareness month in March what better time to start so watch this space.



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