So your back from out of space ...

So I know it probably feels like I've been away for an eternity and I suppose in the blogging world I have been, but a lot has changed since my previous posts! 

I don't think I mentioned in prior posts but I suffer big time with anxiety & panic attacks! I have been fighting a massive battle with myself mainly since the diagnosis of Mrs Rightys kidney tumour! Things got to much and I began to loose the battle. Swamped with anxiety daily meant life became a robotic notion instead of the meaningful experience it is meant to be! Hence the reason I haven't blogged in such a long time. Since my last post I have been under the knife to have Mrs Rightys tumour removed! I put so much pressure on myself and allowed the anxiety to dictate to me how awful and horrific the operation would be even allowing it to tell me I wouldn't pull threw it! Putting my 2year old son to bed the evening before my surgery just a short time after seeing him threw his 2nd birthday and believing to myself that I may never see him again is the most heartbreaking thing I have ever done & can never explain how much of a tough time I have been threw (get the violins out ai LOL) However on a positive (yep I can still muster up some good out of this) i have now had the tumour (or Geoffrey as it was known in my house) removed and can now proudly say I HAVE BEATEN THE CANCER!! I thought getting the news that the cancer was all gone and it hadn't spread would mean me snapping back to normal and kicking anxiety out the door, however I haven't been so lucky and the twisted mix of emotions means I am still battling anxiety daily but this time i will not be loosing! I am determined to live a happy and healthy life and not let this horrid silent disease dictate the rest of my life. Expect to see regular happy random blogs from me :)  boy does it feel good to be blogging again!!



  1. Ahh you've had such a awful time :( i'm sorry your anxiety is playing up no how it feels when it's like that. Just stay strong honey. Things can only get better

  2. Thanks hunny, I'm hoping getting back into blogging will be a great distraction, I forgot how much I love doing it xxx