Mummies & Youngies

Since having my operation I've found it really hard to get back on track with my healthy eating regime, & due to the surgery I cannot excersise for 6 weeks post op. I have a week left till I can work out but decided enough is enough & from today I will be trying to stick to my Weight Watchers points & eat healthily. 

As a mummy to a gorgeous but very active 2year old I know it can be hard to eat healthy and excersise so I've just put together some tips to try and help out all the other mummy's with youngies (young kiddies) so here goes:

1. Try to eat at the same speed as your child (obviously only applies if your child is over a certain age). As previously mentioned I have a 2year old and I sat back today and watched him eat his dinner and I feel that he eats at a sensible rate and upon reflection realised I was eating way to fast. When I slowed myself right down and ate at his pace I realised I wasn't feeling stuffed afterwards because I had given my body enough time to realise it was hungry.

2. Batch cook. I understand time is of the essence and we barely get time to use the loo on our owns. But as soon as little one goes down for a nap or goes down for their evening sleep try and get some batch cooking done. Even if its just one meal you can grab in a sleep deprived/non stop screaming emergency it will ease some of the pressure off.

3. Excercise. Sounds obvious but that 30min burst you can fit in during a nap time or that swim you can fit in once little one goes down for their bedtime is really worth it and will help to shape your body and help you to the differences you really want.

4. Try and find a partner to pair up with to keep you going when your finding things really hard and that keep spurring you on and encouraging you. Speak to your other half and make them aware of what your trying to achieve so that they don't tempt you with takeaways all the time and can help support you.

Most importantly don't put a big pressure on yourself to be skinny! It's all about feeling good and making positive healthy changes to your lifestyle that will have you feeling great :)



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