Things I love about Autumn/Winter

With the cold weather making its abrupt arrival I thought instead of moaning about it I'd think of all the things I actually liked about the upcoming seasons. Turns out there's actually a lot I like! So ive decided to let it inspire my latest blogpost and list a few.

Chunky knits! I love cosy clothes, so chunky knits in winter fits the bill perfectly. Nothing better than snuggling into your jumper before facing the cold weather. I like shopping for new nail varnishes for the upcoming seasons (well which female doesn't want an excuse to shop ai ladies lol) my favirote colours for autumn/winter are reds and greys! Also as my best friend would jump to point out that ilove being in my pyjamas and slippers. So new comfy PJs and slipper boots are essential.

Right so here's the thing. I love listening to the rain and especially watching it dance across the floor when the wind hits it and sweeps it across! But ... I cannot stand being out in it! The other day a 2minute walk from the station to my house left me looking like a drowned rat, this is neither a good nor comfortable situation to be in I can assure you lol and I can imagine many of you can sympathise and have been in the same situation. I also hold a very similar view about the snow LOL, it's gorgeous when it first sets, looks magical & scenic, the snowball fights are great, from littluns to bigguns we've all got to indulge in a sneaky snowball fight lol But ... Yep here comes that but again! What an awful slodgy slippery dangerous mess were left with for days later, causing you to either be stranded at home (maybe not such a bad thing if you can get an extra day off work lol) or worse fall right on your backside in the most embarrassing undignified way & yep that's usually me all legs in the air flat on my back looking like a rather unfortunate stranded beetle.

Any excuse for me to dress Freddie up is one i can't turn a blind eye to lol. So firstly we have Halloween. Last year Freddie had a couple of mates and his cousin round and they all dressed up which was cute. This year I can't quite decide what to dress him up as lol (ill have so much embarrassing ammo for the girlfriend he brings home in the future lol) cue the cringy pictures lol! Secondly I love love love Christmas! Who doesn't?! Well actually I know a few Scrooges lol. I love everything about it! From buying presents for my loved ones to going to visit Santa (accompanied by my child of course hehe). The Christmas dinner, the films, music! Ok I'm going to stop there because undoubtably I will be doing a separate post decicated to Christmas later on in the year lol.

Food & drink:
The return of the cinnamon porridge to set me up for the cold day ahead. The stews and casseroles with the dumplings that are bubbling away in the slow cooker. The chunky soups to bridge that gap between the porridge and the stews lol. The hot chocolate to warm you up before bed before in my case I don the 2 pairs of PJ bottoms, 2 tops a jumper and my bed socks lol (my mum will not approve of my layering). The smell of cookies and treats being baked and yes once again that Christmas dinner lol.

Well I'm going to call it a day there but I cold go on forever. A few things I want to purchase for this Autumn/winter are leather gloves! Seen a right pair of beauts in river island, a pair of really nice thigh high boots which im yet to spot a nice pair of, and some nice new cardigans and jumpers.



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