Living with Anxiety & Panic attacks

So as mentioned in a prior post I live with anxiety & panic attacks. I've decided to do a more in depth post on it in the hope other people living with Anxiety and panic attacks won't feel alone and realise that we're all in this together. For as long as I can remember I have always been a very anxious and panicky person so I would say I've lived with this disorder my whole life. However things have happened along the way that have made it worse and at times unbearable. I am without at doubt at the worst stage of my life with this disorder and if this post helps just 1 person reading it will be all worth it.

1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health issue with mixed anxiety and depression being the most common. With that in mind a fifth of adults in the UK experience anxiety and/or depression.

What is it?
I've been wondering how to explain what anxiety and panic attacks are to people who may not be aware or that do not personally suffer and last night I came across a video on youtube by zoella280390 called dealing with panic attacks and anxiety! Must watch video. Her analogy of panic attacks and anxiety was amazingly simple yet effective and accurate. It was: "in a street where there are cars all lined up we are the ones who's car alarm goes off just from a gust of wind sending the alarm beeping like crazy, where as all the other cars need a good whack before their alarms go off". Basically all of us are tuned with the 'flight or fight' mode and some of us only need the littlest thing to spark us into panic, cue the panic attacks! Seem of you lucky folks out there will never have nor will you experience a panic attack or anxiety and boy do I envy you lol.

Signs & symptoms
You will be dealing with all different emotions and feelings whilst having a panic attacks and often lots of emotions and feelings will be happening at the same time. Some of these can be:
* Palpitations/pounding heart or accelerated heart rate
* Sweating/trembling
* Sensations of shortness of breath or that feeling of being smothered
* Nausea
* Feeling dizzy/faint
* Fear of dying
* Chills/Hot flushes
After a panic attack you are often left feeling mentally, emotionally and physically drained and I personally can be left with a pounding headache.

Ways to manage
All of us as individuals will have a preferred method of how we like to deal with our panic and anxiety, and sometimes this may even change depending your circumstances and how severe your attack is. So at times I like to be distracted and talked to and other times I need to be by myself,  most of the times I need to be outdoors that is a big help to me I suppose because the open space helps deal with the clostraphobia. I have recently found that deep breathing and simply trying to rationalise with myself helps a lot. Also my mum is my bigger support and my number 1 point of call if they are getting out of hand closely followed my my amazing understanding boyfriend.

To wrap up I just want today if your reading this and need to talk to someone who understands your more than welcome to contact me. You can tweet me at @LauraLou9820 or drop me. Comment on this post, please don't feel you have to face this alone.



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