Toddlers & Toilets

A quick note to start to just say that im really sorry that i haven't blogged in forever but ive literally had no access to blogger at all as my laptop died (RIP) lol. However i am now back and raring to go, bubbling with lots of new blog posts so lets get straight into it.

As some of you may know I am a mummy to a 2 year old. He is (if i do say so myself) very clever and intelligent as has been able to talk quite well since forever it seems. As a childcare professional as well as a mummy i think it is important if not vital that children can talk and fully communicate as well as understand their needs before any type of toilet/potty training can commence.

Myself & Freddies daddy have been speaking about toilet training Freddie for quite a while now, and i say toilet instead of potty because we feel that it would be easier to get Freddie used to using the toilet straight away rather than starting with a potty and than having to transfer onto a toilet at a later time. We talked about the idea with Freddie quite a lot, getting him used to the idea of having no nappy on, him watching adults use the toilet & that sort of thing but Freddie was not open to the idea at all. This threw me back if im honest because in my arrogance i thought it would be easy as Freddie is more than capable of communicating and understanding things. So when he point blank refused to entertain the idea of toilet training as well as jumping off the toilet seat before even getting on it properly as if something had bitten him on the bum i was really taken back.

We decided not to push him into it and when he was ready he would let us know. Well luck would have it that Freddies very good friend who is toilet trained came to our house for a play date and needed to use the loo. To my great delight and shock Freddie was then asking to use the loo to and then came *drum-roll please* his first big grown up wee on the "big boy toilet".

That was a good few weeks ago now and if we are honest, because of our work schedule we didn't take the lead & keep going with the toileting and everything kind of happened halfheartedly with nappies sometimes being used and then sometimes not. I suppose we were taken aback a bit by the sudden enthusiasm to use the toilet and didn't have a plan in place for how we would do this.

Well today i am excited to announce that this is officially day 1 of toilet training and Freddie has not had one accident. I decided nappies would be for sleep only and put him in his pair of "big boy pants" when he woke up which he was very proud of and told him the plan of no more nappies unless were sleeping and he seems over the moon. I thought it was a big brave to leave the house on day 1 but we did it anyway, as we had our favorite music group to attend lol. I've put Freddie onto the toilet every 45mins and he has used it every time with the both of us getting super excited and doing a little dance lol. So far I am really pleased with how its going and although it is very early days I am hoping tthat things continue this way. Sleep time is a whole different ball game and we will approach that when it comes but for no its on wards and upwards :)

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