Winter Nail colours.

So before i had my little Freddie i was nail crazy. I cannot be described as a girly girl by a long stretch out the imagination but one thing i did love (and to be fair get quite carried away with) were my nails. From the age of about 14 i had my nails done with a full set of acrylic nails every 2-3 weeks.

My first time was with a friend of mine who suggested we get them done for a treat for Christmas, and i never looked back lol, ive probably had every colour, pattern, design you could thing of. However as i entered into a career in childcare long acrylic nails were neither practical nor desired by the parents when handling their children and i was asked to remove them.

It took a lot of getting used to but before long I fell pregnant with Freddie and turnt to getting my real nails manicured instead of having the acrylics. This made my nails much stronger, and since giving birth to Freddie i have only had acrylics on twice and to be honest cant wait to get them off again. So now that i prefer to get my nails manicured i take lots of interest in choosing my own polish's etc. I love the wide variety with a colour to suit every mood and occasion and thought id share my top 3 favorites for winter so far so here it goes :)

1. Suzi takes the wheel by O.P.I
I love the colour grey during the winter and find this polish to a lovely shade of grey.
Its easy to apply and lives up to the reputable brand it comes from. I always put on 2 coats of polish and that is more than enough for excellent coverage with this polish. 

2. City blackout by NYC
In my opinion a staple polish for winter has to be black. A good quality black polish is essential for my winter collection and this one from NYC is stunning. Again I applied 2 coats and got really good coverage, it had a lovely glossy finish to it and is really durable. I have it on my toes at the moment and so far it has lasted 5 days without any chipping, and as I find with most if not all of my NYC polishes they dry super quickly which is always useful because lets face it, sitting around waiting for you nails to try is so tedious.

3. Madison Avenue by NYC
With the Christmas season picking up I always like to have a red go to nail polish that i can rely on, and for me it has to be this one from NYC. Its vibrant and strong and adds instant glamour to a LBD. Its nice to have a splash of colour to warm up what can be very dull winter outfits and I choose this red because it does the job perfectly. As with the black from NYC it gives an amazing glossy finish and lasts really well.

These are the colours i am loving at the moment amongst others, i hope they've given you some ideas for winter nail colours :)



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