50 facts about me

So after reading Gracies post over at http://www.graciefrancesca.com/ where she said that its quite hard to grasp somebodies personality threw blogging at times I thought i would take part in the 50 facts about me tag. Initially I thought this would be a real easy post to write but 50 facts is a hell of a lot of things lol but I have found it a fun one to do.

1. I am a mummy
2. I beat cancer this year 
3. I have an addiction to hot chocolate
4. Ive lost almost 100lb in weight 
5. I say 'like' in nearly every sentence
6. I have had my nipple pierced
7. I am half Irish
8. I suffer with anxiety & panic attacks
9. My first car was a boy racer vauxhall corsa in black lol
10. I am an older sister
11. Love to cook 
12. I love anything to do with the 1950s
13. I love slippers & PJs (to the point of my best friends mum hardly recognizes me if im not in my PJs & slippers lol)
14. I write poetry
15. This year i turnt vegetarian 
16. I passed my driving test 2 days before my 21st birthday
17. I have never ice skated
18. I don't like going to the cinema
19. I love Indian food.
20. I listen to music nearly all day everyday
21. I have found my soul mate
22. I used to have an awful obsession for trainers and tracksuits
23. I love candles
24. I take tons & tons of photographs
25. I cannot sing in the slightest but i love singing
26. I do not smoke and gave up drinking about 3 years ago (its not as boring as it sounds honest lol)
27. I practice yoga
28. I enjoy going to football matches (i love the passion and the atmosphere)
29. Books over films any day
30. I have never been on Holiday outside of England which means ive never been on an airplane
31. I cup my right boob for comfort
32. I love my best friend like a sister and have to speak if not see her everyday
33. I am super nosey 
34. We have a walk in shower due to a disability in our house and i crave a bath everyday
35. me, my best friend & sometimes my boyfriend will have a 'car rave' at least once a week
36. I was once addicted to watching 16 and pregnant & teen mom lol
37. I think about my grandad who passed away 3 years ago every single day
38. I am a very over emotional and sensitive person (i will cry at the drop of a hat lol)
39. I enjoy working out & am very much into health and fitness
40. I love going on random adventures with my son and boyfriend
41. We used to spend every single school holiday on a camp site in Kent and it was bloody amazing.
42. I've had food poisoning twice
43. I have worked in childcare for 8 years
44. I don't wear make-up
45. My favorite crisps are cheese & onion McCoys
46. I always crash my car (& manage to blame it on everyone else)
47. I go swimming once a week but mainly end up gossiping in the pool instead of swimming lol ooops
48. I can only say ice cream & laptop in a south African accent i but always say it lol
49. I am a control freak & try to plan absolutely everything
50. I used to play the flute