November Favourites

Hi lovelies, i know this post is up a couple of days later then planned but i had some issues with taking the pictures for it, however get stuck into my first november favorites and let me know what you think :)

BBC Radio 1s live lounge

I am a big music lover and this year my taste in music has changed a lot. I am steering more towards indie mellowed out acoustic stuff. However I have always had a love for the live lounge covers sent out by radio 1. This one is by far my favorite one and most definitely in my top 5 albums of 2013. The songs are beautifully recreated and I find that now winter is in full swing its a really chilled out CD for those wintry snuggly evenings. My favorite track from the album is Ben Howard - Figure 8 (originally by Ellie Goulding). This stripped back version over guitars is passionate and really focuses on the importance of the lyrics. I would say grab a copy or even request one as a christmas pressie :)

'Along came Betty' Body lotion
Tesco £2.66

In fairness I have had this cream for a year now  (yes the same bottle). It lives in the cup holder of my car and I use it every single day. It is still a far way off of bring finished. It is amazing value for money, smells delicious and is really nourishing. I use it as a hand cream and love the simplicity of the quick pump feature. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smelling nice to. I will be repurchasing over and over again, and have to buy it as a gift for a couple of people that have fallen in love with it once using it in my car lol.

NYC 'City Blackout'
Superdrug £2.45

As said in a previous post I think a black nail polish is essential for winter. This one from NYC is long lasting, good value for money and gives a really smooth, shiny finish. Please see my other post on my Top 3 Nail polishes for winter for a more indepth review.

Converse All star Hi Lthr Black
Office £59.99

I personally love the comfort of converse, as i'm sure many of us do. So when winter rolls around its really annoying when the rain starts and I cannot wear converse because they will get ruined in the rain. So when I saw these leather black converse I just had to have them. Not only does black go with everything (except navy in my opinion) the fact that they are leather means that they are waterproof to. What a win win. They are durable high quality and in the 2 weeks that I have had them they have probably been teamed with every item that I have in my wardrobe lol. These are one of my best buys of the year so far, and they also are available in white.

Herbal essence Bee strong rinse off intensive mask
200ml superdrug £1.99 (usually £3.99)

Now i have seen this product flying around for a while now, but I have tried not to buy into the celebrity produced hype around it. However I caved the other week and bought this hair mask and was so so glad that I did. My hair was very weak and damaged and coming out lots. I used this mask the next morning and instantly felt the difference. I have used it around 4 times now and my hair is so much stronger already as well as being soft and shiny. I go swimming once a week and after swimming last night i put the mask in and washed it off once I got home and straight away noticed that my hair was still nice and strong and smelling gorgeous, usually swimming damages my hair quite a bit. I am repurchasing this as i type and taking advantage of superdrugs amazing deal.

MUA lip liner in Red Drama
Superdrug £1.00

I cannot recommend this lip liner enough. I was on the hunt the day of my birthday party and came across this just before I went to leave the shop. I haven't stopped loving it. It is long lasting - it lasts my whole night out without any need for reapplying, and I put it on my whole lip as a base for my lipstick and it is such a gorgeous red that once the lipstick has worn off the lip liner acts as a very subtle red lipstick. 

Well thats my mixed bag of November Favorites and I really enjoyed doing it so I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you found any of the reviews helpful or if you have picked up any of the products and what you think.



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