Christmas Jumpers for Cancer Research

Welcome back lovelies :)

So as some of you may or may not know Cancer Research were hosting 'The IN Thing' during the month of November. The idea behind it was that you would host a night in with your friends to raise money for cancer research instead of going out. Ideas ranged from chocolate & champagne nights to karaoke nights in, and then you donate what you would usually spend on a night out.

Cancer Research and the work they do is very important to me its importance plays a bit part in my life because of the way cancer has affected my life and that of my family. With my nan battling against Myeloma (a non curable form of cancer) and myself having a Cancerous Kidney Tumor removed during summer this year I was really motivated and determined to host a night in to raise money for this great cause.

As me and all of my girlfriends love to eat lol i thought i would host a dinner party. We thought a theme would make the evening a bit more interesting and with it being so close to Christmas we opted for a Christmas Jumper theme.

The evening went really well. I made an Indian meal and packaged it all up in takeaway containers to transport it to my best friends house where we held the party. It was really nice to spend time with my friends for such an amazing cause and have such an amazingly funny night in the process. After our meal we ended up playing charades and were practically rolling around on the floor with laughter. So far we have raised a fantastic 120 pounds and are still hoping to add to that total.

If you would like to donate please do so by using my Just Giving page




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