Family day trip :)

A mouse took a stroll threw the deep dark wood ..

Freddie is Grufffalo crazy he absolutely loves it and has done from a very early age. So when I found out that it was on in the theatre in London I had to book tickets straight away! We have not long been back from the performance & it was so good, a must see for all Gruffalo fans big or small. The catchy songs were really cute and Freddies favorite character was the dancing mouse lol. Deans was the same but for me I had to go with the cockney Fox, come on now who wouldn't love a cockney fox lol.

Its a different take on the original with lots of singing and dancing but keeping to the original script and story line to, which is important I feel especially for the little ones following the story. The whole thing is performed by 3 actors all of which are amazing and play their roles really well. There were nice parts of audience participation and as the show lasts for an hour I found it perfect timing for my little one not to get to restless and fidgety.

Obviously we weren't allowed to take pictures inside of the performance but im going to share some pictures of our morning below :)


After The Gruffalo we thought it would be nice to grab some lunch out and about and spotted the Rainforest Cafe across the road from the theatre. Ive heard lots of good things about it but also that the prices can be a bit steep, but with a discount ticket we got from the performance we went over anyway. Now i thought that it was amazing and we were very impressed with it. The staff were really friendly and the layout was amazing, the smells, sounds and decor shout realistic rainforest (of course as realistic as you can get in a London restaurant lol). Freddie enjoyed the way the animals move around at timed intervals and loved looking at the big fish tank, he wasn't to sure about the timed thunder storm enactments but soon got used to them.

Over all I thought it was a lovely experience and would defiantly revisit. I would recommend it for a nice different dining experience for families :)




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