Christmas Traditions

As Christmas day draws closer it got me thinking, now that Freddie is getting to understand Christmas a bit more & really get into the spirit of it all what traditions do we find ourselves doing each year and what new ones would be like to start up.

Now that ive sat down to type up this blog post there isnt many traditions that we have in our house. We do the routine one of advent calenders, and this year as well as his Thomas the tank engine normal calender (card ones with the cheap chocolates behind the numbered windows lol) one of Freddies nans bought him a really nice house one seen in the picture below, each food pulls out and can be filled with whatever you like, its really durable and im looking forward to changing the treats to different themed things each year.


When I was little many moons ago (ark at me sounding hundreds of years old ai lol) me and my brother would always leave the traditional milk and mince pie out for Santa with the carrot out for the reindeer, and seeing as Freddie has been to young to understand we haven't done that with him yet. But now as his turnt 2 this year and is really getting into Christmas we will definitely be rekindling that tradition. Also im not sure if any of you have heard of reindeer food? If not give it a quick google, it seems like such a cute and cheap idea for the little ones. You basically get a little pouch or tube of 'reindeer food (im guessing oatmeal, glitter that sort of thing) to sprinkle outside for the reindeer. I will be starting this up with Fred this year to :)

One tradition we have always had in our house and has always been kept up no matter how big we have gotten are new PJs. Since i can remember we have always gotten a fresh pair of PJs on Christmas eve to snuggle into and this is a tradition we have started with Freddie already. Even as an adult this is one of my favorite traditions (ok maybe i am already a PJ addict but lets brush over that hehe). In the picture below Freddie can be spotted modelling his new Christmas PJs with a cute reindeer on the front :)

Now moving on to a couple of new traditions we would like to start up ...

I cannot take any credit for the following idea as it was all down to my younger brother. On Christmas morning i drove out to get my mum and bring her to our house and when I returned my brother had sprinkled the floor with flour and put his big footprints threw it to create the effect of snowy santa footprints. I thought it was such a cute and amazing idea and one we will definitely be carrying on. I cannot wait for Freddie to see them this year and for us to tell him they belong to Santa.

The only other tradition we will be keeping up with is a pretty obvious one that most people do, which is having a real Christmas tree. I know this may sound a bit daft as most people so this but I am 25 years old and this is the first year I have had a real tree lol. I am so glad we ave opted for a real one this year and it was so fun taking Freddie out to choose it and getting him to decorate it was amazing to.

Well lovelies please let me know some of your Christmas traditions as I am always on the look out for new ones and really like hearing other peoples :) If anybody tried out the snowy footprints pleasssee take piccies i would love to see them :)


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