Handy Reindeer hat

To go along with my other Christmassy craft project I did earlier this month, my next installment is a handy reindeer hat. Its cute and simple and the children really enjoy it. I started off without any brown paint but it was easy enough to make by mixing the red, green and yellow paint together.

I then got the littlun to do lots of little brown handprints which he loved doing and we had to do endless amounts because "it tickles" lol so we had loads left over and in different colours for extra projects done to :) Top tip: When doing body painting add a little bit of liquid soap or washing up liquid to your paint to make it easier to clean off of the skin.


Once the handprints had dried out i cut them all out and using an old lego box i cut a bit cardboard strip out and measured against littluns head. Once i had my strip of card I positioned the handprints out to make reindeer antlers and once I was happy with the positioning I glued them into place and added 2 googly eyes/


I found that the reindeer ears drooped a bit so i added 2 more strips of cardboard either side for support as shown below.

This makes a really cute hat and if you have some red face paints lying about add a little red nose to your little one to make a cheap and cheerful reindeer outfits for christmas themed dressing up :)

Id love to see your little ones in their reindeer hats if you decide to give this christmas craft ago so please feel free to tweet me pictures @LauraLou9820 If i get a few maybe we could do a little gallery?

Stay tuned for the third and final christmassy craft idea coming soon x



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