Christmas biscuit making with the kiddies

We had a Christmas themed day at work today as it was my last day this week and then I am off to center parcs for a long weekend with my boys. We decided to make and decorate Christmas biscuits.

I got some really nice festive Christmas biscuit cutters from amazon (sorry i dont have a picture of them and i have left them at work)

I got a simple biscuit recipe online but obviously use whatever one you prefer for your Christmas biscuits. Below is a picture of the christmas shapes once they were ready to be put into the oven before decorating. 


I laid out all different types of sprinkles, icing sugar and melted chocolates and let the children have free reign over how they wanted to decorate their biscuits. They really enjoyed doing it. I gave them all their own individual pots to try and make sure their was no arguing over decorating things. A sign of a good time was when I looked at the table after they had finished and saw all the mess lol.

Here are the finished products :)

I am going to be away on holiday from tomorrow until Monday so i wont be putting up any posts until Monday night where I will feel you in on our festive trip away :) So have a lovely weekend guys & dolls x



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