Freddie meets Father Christmas

The cutest thing for me so far this season has got to be when my little Freddie got to meet Father Christmas on the weekend. He has been so excited about meeting him since we told him he would meet him whilst we were on holiday. He spent the whole of Saturday talking about meeting him so when the time came he was really excited. 

As we walked up a path lit up by cute fairy lights we came to a wooden lodge. To the left of the wooden lodge was a smaller make shift post office where it looked busy and full of Christmassy jobs being done in time for the big day. Once we made it to the front of the que to see Santa we were greeted by a very tall elf lol. It was all very nightclubby initially, with a 'if your names not down your not coming in' policy being operated on the door lol. It was touch and go for a moment when the elf left a slight pause as if he couldn't find our names lol but we finally made it in to see the big man himself. 

Now I don't know who was more excited my Freddie or my Dean lol but it was a super cute set up. There were 2 little chairs next to Santa (I suppose his conscious of this childhood obesity rise and his saving his knees joints lol) so Freddie sat down next to Santa. The usual questions then happened "have you been a good boy this year" and all of that with Freddie of course replying "yes" lol then came the big question of "what would you like for Christmas this year Freddie" To which I stood with baited breath, only to be able to breathe a sigh of relief when Freddie responded "I want Thomas toys" (phew we've got that covered lol) Santa then handed over a cute gift bag with a lion and some chocolate coins inside, a picture was taken and we were off on our merry way with one very happy little boy.

I love that this year Freddie is able to join in with all the excitement of Christmas and that he loved his trip to see Santa :)



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