Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life -BertholdAuerbach

Ive been meaning to blog about the most amazing sing a long group i attend with the littluns for the longest time. After attending the Christmas party i just had to try & explain why everyone needs to try and attend at least one of these sessions. 

Harriette is a lovely quirky lady who along with her lovely & lively band create and deliver feel good sing a long sessions to children. I attend her Wednesday & sometimes Thursday session at the church hall of Exmouth Market. As much as id like to say i go for the children i will openly admit i love going for myself lol. All of your troubles seem to dissolve into the air once everybody is singing a long together like one big family. There is a sense of belonging and an amazingly friendly atmosphere to just get swept away by. 

Both my Freddie and the children I look after at work really enjoy the group. In fact Freddie is quite obsessed with it lol. We have to listen to the train song (quite a big hit at the group) in the car everyday without fail lol. 

Harriette and the band are so patient with all of the children and I love the way they make the children feel important and interact with them. 

No amount of reviewing will do this session any justice so please check out their website I will leave it below and if you can make it to a session please so, you will not regret it and I promise you will keep coming back for more :)



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