Festive nails

With the big day just days away I decided to try and create a festive nail look. I didnt want to start of to difficult lol so i just went for a simple candy cane look. Now when I say simple believe me it was not at all simple lol, I just about managed to do the left hand (im right handed) but the other hand was just a joke and i ended up taking it off that night. But I thought i would share my first attempt with you guys anyway :)

My nails have been really damaged and brittle after having acrylics on a couple of months ago so before i do anything i apply a coat of OPIs nail envy. It contains protein and helps to strengthen an repair my nails.  

I started by applying one coat of red polish to my nails. I left it for about 15mins to dry but in hindsight maybe i should have left them for a bit longer to make sure they were completely dry. It may have made it easier to draw the line on? 
Then I took my white nail art pen which was very good and I will do a separate review on it if requested :) and just drew horizontal lines onto the nail. I am aware I am making this sound way to easy lol so please ladies be prepared to need a bit of patience with it.

This is the final product a very wobbly candy cane nail look lol hopefully its perfected for next week :)



  1. Love this post. defiantly going to try and do this :)

  2. Love your nails! Very festive, might give it a go myself! :)

    Love From Twinkle