Nail Art Weekly Project #1

Welcome to week 1 of this amazing project. The Nail Art Weekly Project has been created by Danni over at who has created different themes to run over the space of 5 weeks, that a group of nail enthusiasts will interpret in their own way and use to recreate nail art based on these themes. 

I wanted to take part in the project because I absolutely love nail art and although im quite a novice myself I thought it would be fun to give it ago and see what the other lovely ladies came up with.

Theme 1: An item of clothing or an outfit
This theme was really easy for me in terms of choosing an item of clothing. I instinctively knew that I wanted to choose my 1950s inspied rockabilly skirt that I wore to my 25th birthday party last year. The print of the skirt is black with red cherrys on it. It comes with a matching headband to.

What did I use to create this nail art?

Nail Envy - O.P.I
NYC - City Blackout
Bourjois - Colour unknown sorry
NO7 - Stay perfect top coat

I started by using my Nail Envy as a base coat because I am really loving this at the moment for strengthening and growing my nails. I use one coat of this.

I then used 2 coast of my City Blackout to get a really good slid base to represent the black of the skirt.

To create the cherry's I decided to use red diamantes from my set that I picked up from Ebay. I found them easy to apply with some royal nail glue.

The stems are what I found hardest to do and you can totally see that in the pictures that some of them are not that great. However I loved this shade of green from Bourjois that I picked up from Superdrug. I used the smallest end of one of the nail tools to try and create the lines and they turnt out way to thick so I will be on the hunt for a very thin nail art brush for the rest of the project lol.

I finished the look with 2 coats of my NO7 top coat and voila!

I am very much a beginner but am enjoying taking part in this fun project, after all who doesnt like sitting doing their nails :) Let me know what you think for my first attempt lovelies, it will be interesting to see if there is an improvement in my nail art by time the final week rolls around lol.

Id love to see all of your nail creations so be sure to let me know when your posts are live x



  1. These Look fab hun! Wish I was this good with my nails!

    I found your blog via BlogLovin and would love if you could stop by & catch up on my latest GHD Party Hair Tutorial & Pink Jewel Styler post for some inspiration too :)

  2. Aw so cute! :) love what youv'e picked to try out! xox

  3. These are lovely - fantastic job, and I adore your skirt too! x

  4. Thank you lovelies, im really enjoying this project & loving checking out all of the other posts from you all that are taking part to :) xx

  5. Lovely manicure! My nails need strengthening, think I will give Nail Envy a try!

    I'm doing the challenge too, here's my first post xxx |

  6. These are cute! Lovely cherries :) !
    I'm also taking part in this challenge -