Our visit to the London Aquarium

I work as a nanny and the theme of the week for one of the little boys I look after was 'Sea Creatures". I was super excited when I found out and immediately planned a trip to the London aquarium. Ive been tons of times as im lucky enough to just live down the road from there and the children always love it. I find it quite therapeutic to.

Although I find the aquarium quite pricey I do thing it is a really nice day out for the kids. We went mid week so it was nice and quiet, weekends are a nightmare with ques to get in and then tons of people in a confined space (anxiety sufferers back away now). 

I took this snap of a shoal of fish as we got in there and it pretty much sets the scene for the rest of the trip. Tons of beautiful fish almost posing for pictures lol

Jellyfish are my favorite things to see at the aquarium. They just seem so elegant when they move and the colours are gorgeous. The change of colours really captured the childrens attention to.

Now I remember a time when I use to go to the aquarium as a youngster and was allowed if not encouraged to stroke the sting rays as the swam past in the open tank. But of course since that poor old ozzie incident, touching of the rays is strictly forbidden.

Freddie enjoyed pretending to be a sailor turning the big wheel and singing the pirate song lol

Who could resist getting some snaps of nemo and dory ai lol? Ok granted I probably was more excited than most of the children when we approached the nemo tank but hey ho :)

If you get the chance to go to the London aquarium I would really recommend it, you can spend hours in there, its peaceful (if you try and go midweek that is lol). The children really enjoyed themselves and have been speaking about the creatures they saw and what they enjoyed about their visit. There was a point when a fish almost looked like it was dancing for us in the tank and all of the kiddies couldnt stop chuckling it was a favorite part for one of the kiddies. Hope you enjoyed this post, if youve been let me know what you thought :)



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