I have got a Spring in my step :)

In London town last weekend we were blessed with lovely sunshine and warmth as a reminder that Spring is finally upon us :) 

As most of the Londoners around we flocked to the park for he weekend. On Saturday Freddie had put in a request for ice cream so we went on the hunt for an ice cream shop. On the way to work I had noticed a new ice cream shop had opened in Islington called Udderlicious so we headed there. Our timing wasnt great as we got caught up and swept along in the traffic of the Arsenal fans all heading home from the game, but before we knew it we had reached the ice cream shop. We were so happy we had made the journey over to North London because although a little pricey the ice cream was delicious! We would recommend and revisit Udderlicious. With the most basic of flavours of chocolate ice cream to the most creative of walnut and ricotta there is bound to be something to suit your taste buds. The staff were super friendly and you get very generous portions as Dean soon found out when he ordered 3 scoops of ice cream and was handed a mountain of ice cream in a cone :)

After our ice cream we walked a little way down the road and spent the rest of the day in the park until early evening, it definitely gave us a taste of things to come in Spring/Summer.

On Sunday Freddie had his first Football session with Little Kickers. It was the cutest thing and a very proud mummy and daddy moment for me and Dean. W were greeted by 2 friendly coaches and Freddie was given his little football kit. As Freddie will be going to nursery later on in the year we though it would be good to get him used to taking instruction from other people whilst being part a group, plus Dean was very keen to get Freddie stuck into footie as soon as possible lol. We were really pleased with our experience of the first session and could tell the lesson plans are carefully thought out. Freddie thoroughly enjoyed himself and we can't wait to go back this week for session 2.

After footie we grabbed some lunch and headed back to the park for the day. We had a really nice relaxed weekend and it has really gotten me into the mood for the sunshine :) I hope it sticks around.


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