May favourites :)

As May draws to a close, and what a lengthy month it has been, with more bank holidays than you can shake a stick at (not complaining lol) I thought I would do a post on some things I have been loving this month.

Let's start by getting the first non beauty related thing out of the way. Walking! I own a car, and I'm ashamed to say I use it way more than it needs to be used (now cover your eyes fitness freaks) in the winter I've even been known to drive to my corner shop eeekkkkk. At the beginning of the month I decided to have 2 days a week where we leave the car at home and walk more, after all, these boots we're made for walking right lol. Since starting I've realised how much I've missed being out in the car and just walking about & I've fallen back in love with walking :)

Is there anyone else out there who is still trying to use up the surplus amounts of soap and glory products they got for Christmas? Raise hands ladies come on let me see em! Well I found yet another box of soap and glory goodies and have been using this scrub like it's going out of fashion. In sure it doesn't need an in depth review and most of the female population probably has this or has at some point, and let's fancy it I ramble on enough as it is, but this is definitely a May favourite of mine.

As you can see half of my hair is blondish, and I got it dyed that way a couple of months ago now in my pledge to go pastel! Now I've found my hair is in an awful state and have been trying to limit the amount of time I have it in a hair tie and limit the amount of product I use. So I'm loving using this 1950s inspired hair scarf I got with my skirt last year to keep the hair out of my face.

Ok I'm guilty, here is another Christmas present lol. I got this in another gift set and kind of neglected it. I came across it whilst giving my bedroom an overhaul the over the day and it's been my go to body cream this month. A little goes a lot so this will last me a good while, it smells nice and absorbs into the skin quickly :)

If you guys and dolls have done your May faves please send me the link as I love to read them :)


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