Freddie's Top 5 stories :)

With Freddies bookshelf over flowing I thought it would be a good idea to pick out some of his favourites to help parents and carers find some new reads from their little ones.

(I have tried to limit the amount of Julia Donaldson stories but a few were bound to creep in .. right?!)

1. The yoga ogre by Peter Bently
My mum brought this for Freddie as we both share a love of yoga lol. Freddie fell in love with it straight away (as we did). It is wittily written with cute illustration. The story encourages physical activity which is always a hit with me & Freddie loves Ogden the Ogre.

2. The highway rat

It may be presumptuous of me but I am guessing this book doesn't need much of a write up. Another hit written by Julia Donaldson which has gone down a treat in our house. As the highway rat goes around stealing from his friends he finally gets his come uppence when he is out witted by a clever duck & winds up working in a cake shop. Great illustrations (try and spot other Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler characters throughout the story)

3. Hugless Douglas by David Melling

I personally really like this story. It is a really cute tale of a bear who wakes up in need of a cuddle and goes off to find one, with a happy ever after Douglas finds one from his mummy. A great read for all ages, after all your never to old for a cuddle.

4. Zog by Julia Donaldson

We only recently discovered this story. I stumbled across it on the bookshelf of the children at work and loved the rhyming witty story Julia Donaldson always brings to her stories. With a hard working dragon trying his best to make it threw dragon school, he finds he needs and welcomes the help of a passing princess.

5. Harry & the bucketful of dinosaurs by Ian Whybrow

Freddies grandad brought him the collection of Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs a while ago now and he still loves each and every one of them. With Harry going on a new adventure with each book theres no time to get bored. Freddie has picked up the names of the dinosaurs really quickly and they books take important subjects such as first days at school and turn them into understandable fun topics for youngsters.

We always welcome new stories to add to our collection as Freddie takes after me and is a bookworm :0 so please share your favourites with us x



  1. Awwh, he's so sweet! I remember a few of these books :)

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  2. We really love Zog and The Yoga Ogre too :) Have you read Ten Little Pirates? It's illustrated by Simon Rickerty too and is a big hit in our house!